Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
All-4-Fun - Bill Moore Lake
by Adam Mehlberg

Our first trip during the 2004 Mile Hi Jeep Club All-4-Fun event held in Georgetown was to Bill Moore Lake. Just about everyone from the Trailridge Runners 4WD Club that was at All-4-Fun was on this trip. After leaving Empire we headed north up toward the old mining area above town. The road is graded gravel with plenty of room to pass other vehicles. As we climbed the view behind us was of the valley that Georgetown occupies. Near the Conqueror Mine the road becomes single lane and the four wheeling begins.

The first long switch back has a short cut that climbs a narrow, steep, and rocky shoot that some of the people attempted. I decided to take the short cut and see if I could make it. There were a few large boulders about half way up that took the right line to navigate and continue the climb. I was just about up to the connection with the main road when Greg Beery’s passenger, Raylin Comeau, informed us that Greg was stuck.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to capture a rare event on film, and of course the need to help Greg out, I backed down to where Greg was stuck. Greg was still trying to get off of the big rock on the left side of the road that everyone else went to the right of. All four wheels were turning in mid air! He was definitely stuck. I worked my way down to where I could strap onto Greg and give him a tug. While Greg got his tow strap out I snapped a few pictures, just for proof. You’ve got to have proof when you make a claim that Greg got stuck.

It didn’t take much to get Greg off the boulder that had him high centered. Shortly we connected back up with the group on the main road. I don’t recall hearing Raylin on the CB much after that. Greg must of put it out of reach.

As the road to Bill Moore Lake climbs you get some great views of Leavenworth mountain behind Georgetown. We climbed higher in altitude getting close to treeline. To our northwest was the Kingston Peak 4WD road coming over the saddle between James Peak and Kingston Peak. On one short hilly section Darrel had some engine trouble, as in the engine quite. Some investigation didn’t find anything specific that was wrong. After pulling Darrel’s jeep up to a level section of road it ran once again.

Our group made Bill Moore lake about lunch time. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch in the shade before walking beyond the trail head to view Bill Moore Lake. We began loading up to head back when Darrel discovered his Jeep wouldn’t start. His intermittent problem was now solid. With about six people looking under the hood of his Jeep a disconnected wire was found. I got Darrel a splice to crimp onto the wires and he was back in business. Our trip back from Bill Moore Lake went smoothly. John and Kathy Howell even decided to take the tough short cut on the way out. In Empire the traditional Ice Cream stop was observed by a few of us that were at the end of the pack. After a day of four wheeling it’s ok to spoil your dinner.

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