Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Coney Creek project - October 2007
by Adam Mehlberg

While Ray was driving the Middle St. Vrain a crew of TRR members headed over to the Coney Creek 4WD Road entrance at Beaver Reservoir. Our project for the day would be building some buck and rail fencing to eliminate the routes that some people were using to get around the gate that seasonally closes Coney Creek.

We had a large crew so we were able to work on two sections of fencing at the same time. After some messing around with the club generators spark plug we got the generator to run, and stay running. Seems three more gallons of gas in the fuel tank really helps keep generators running.

Using the big drills and sledge hammers we had the two fence sections coming together in no time. Hopefully these will deter people from driving the Coney Creek road before the seasonal gate gets opened.

After lunch our project was done and a lot of people headed home. A few of us were going over to review the Gold Lake route with Brain. Richard Harmon was going to wait at the entrance for Ray's group to make it out. Luckily, Bill Boitano waited with Richard because Ray never made it out due to an abandoned Toyota. Ray's group had to back track to the Middle St. Vrain.

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