Crystal Mountain / Moody Hill Trip
Written by Ray Comeau
It was a cloudy foggy type morning with a temperature of 49 degrees. I arrived at the Super Wal-Mart at 8:20 am, sitting there one wonders if anyone would show on such a dreary day, and the Rockies games went into 13 innings the night before ending around midnight. Then Perry and Anita showed up, then Richard and Karla and Lou and his brother Bob in his Suzuki Side Kick and we met Kerry in Loveland.
Richard and Karla

We aired down at the entry to Moody Hill and off we went up the trail. The weather / clouds at this time looked like it could open up and maybe have some sunshine, how wrong that would be later in the day. Everyone moved right along, there is really only one small obstacle on Moody Hill. After conquering the obstacle, Kerry had to do some repair work on a rear fender due to the rear tire decided to try some of it's own body work on the fender, so Kerry went to his tool box to get his most important tool, one he has the most knowledge in using, a Hammer.
Lou and brother Bob

So after watching such a skilled craftsman with such a hi-tech tool, we moved on to Crystal Mountain. At the Crystal Mountain trail head Bill Gardner and his daughter Terra showed up. Bill was a member at one time. It was still early enough to catch some of the Fall color's. This trail has a few obstacles, one I call "Karla's Rock" was one she and Richard had tried a few years ago, but decided to turn back so not to damage there vehicle, (some knowledge I could use more of) but his time with the help of a new lift and lockers it was not even a problem to drive threw.
Kerry Beach

Then on we went, the next obstacle was one we might name "Perry's Rock". I was guiding him up, the Jeep decided to popped over to the left and hit a tree with it's front fender and hood. After lunch we headed on up the trail, we all made it to the top of Crystal Mountain where it was 39 degrees with a nice breeze making the temperature more like 20 degrees'. Then remember that sentence where I thought the sun might show it self, wrong again. It started to rain. Kerry and I had no Jeep tops, just the type that goes over the roll bars.
Perry and Anita Willson

So after airing up under two big pine tree's that helped give us shelter from some rain, we all made it home. Another great day with friends enjoying our Colorado Mountains.

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