Castle Gulch Project - May 2001
by Adam Mehlberg

On May 19th the Trailridge Runners met with the Forest Service in Castle Gulch to put up a buck and rail fence along a bog on the 4WD road. The bog is right beside the road where a spring seeps from the hillside. The main road is in good condition, the problem is some vehicle drivers are driving in the soft soil next to the road and have created a bog.

We pulled some large rocks down into the illegal route to help deter traffic. Eric Steenburn used his winch and snatch blocks to drag three large boulders into the route. Next we all got to get busy building the buck and rail fence. We started at the lower section and worked up hill. As an added security we drilled holes, with the help of Darrel's generator, for 2 foot rebar into the legs of the bucks to anchor them into the ground.

After building the buck and rail fence around the bog we headed to the Golden Age mine to pick up what little trash there was, left by people that party on the tailings. John Oppenlander of the Boulder Ranger District took the trash out while most of us continued on up Castle Gulch and signed the 4WD road.

Eric Steenburn, Ryan Boddy, Gordon Howe, Bill Boitano and myself headed over to Fireman Hill to put up some T posts to stop the side road that was being created to bypass the tough section. We piled some logs and also placed Road Closed signs to keep people on the designated 4WD road

On our return trip back down Castle Gulch we placed the remainder of the number signs for Castle back down to the intersection where the two access routes intersect. The harder access road will be signed at a later time as it is on public lands, while the easier access crosses private property and will not be signed.

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