Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Lefthand Five Points Project
by Adam Mehlberg
On August 15 and 16th club members participated in the 5-Points post and cable project set up by the Boulder Ranger District. On September 15th Gordon Howe and Cindy brought along the club trailers, Bill Boitano brought his water jug with electric pump. We met the Forest Service at the entrance to Lefthand and loaded up concrete, posts, and tools. Our work day would be at the 5-Points area. The Forest Service contractor (Buddy) had ripped the large wash out area and drilled post holes along the edge of the new controlled route. We cleaned out the holes and placed the posts in then poured half a bag of concrete in and added water. A little mixing and the rest of the bag completed the job.

With the help of some of the motorcycle riders, David Kuhny, Bill Haskell, Livio Bognuda, and Gary Felix we had most all the post set for Five Points by lunch. After lunch we took the remaining materials up to the top of Mother Hill on 286C and put in the last of the posts for this project. The next day would be stringing the cable.