Gillespie Gulch Cleanup - 2004

by Adam Mehlberg
Photos by Adam Mehlberg

Our annual Gillespie Gulch cleanup trip went well. As we climbed up the road we made a stop to repair and old culvert that has since collapsed. The creek was running down the road and eroding an area below. Our crew of volunteers got the hand tools out and we worked on the area the creek was entering the road and built up a waterbar in the rocky road. This put the creek back into its channel and stopped the flow down the road. A few of our group stopped at the lower area that was eroding and added some extra diversion there.

There was very little trash along the lower road section. The majority of trash was at the first, and largest, old mine site. We cleaned up the remains of some past parties and had our lunch at the first mine site. After lunch the club continued up the lower hill climb to the older mine site. Unfortunately some vandals have pulled the front wall out of the old cabin and the building is half collapsed. It is a sad commentary on the mentality of some of the people that use the 4WD roads.

Most of the club members continued on up the upper climb above the old mine and made their way to the saddle below Nugget Hill. We cleaned up the small amount of trash that was on the upper section out to Nugget Hill then headed back down to Jamestown.

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