Gillespie Gulch Cleanup Project II - 2002

by Adam Mehlberg
photos by Adam Mehlberg

As a last project of the year on the Gillespie Gulch 4WD road, our club got together and hauled away the old trailer that sat beside the 4WD road. After reviewing Gillespie Gulch with the Forest Service in the summer, we got a letter of permission to remove the trailer. It had been assumed that the trailer was on private property, so it was not removed in the past.

On October 5th, John Preston, Greg Beery, Wes Beery, Don Owens, Bill Boitano, Richard Boddy, and I headed up to Jamestown and then drove the short distance up Gillespie Gulch to the trailer remains. Greg had brought a generator and a saws all to help us cut up the large pieces. We began dismantling the trailer and piling the pieces next to the road. Ray Comeau was going to bring his Dodge Dually with the dump bed up in the afternoon to haul out the pieces.

The pile looked like it would not even come close to fitting in Rays truck, but we started loading the large pieces and packed the small stuff in everywhere we could. After awhile we had the trailer remains above the top of the side stakes. Don took a lot of the clean aluminum pieces in his truck, while Brian Rasmussen, from the Forest Service, loaded the Forest Service truck with the rest.

In the end we got all the trailer loaded up. Ray strapped the load down to keep all the pieces from falling out on the way back to Longmont. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped and to Ray for taking the truck load of trailer remains to the dump the next day.

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