FDR372 Project - Gold Lake

by Adam Mehlberg     Photos by Adam Mehlberg

On July 26th a small contingent of Trailridge Runners 4WD Club members met at the Millsite Restaurant to go up to FDR372 with Cat Luna of the Boulder Ranger District to remove the rock blocking the road. Darrel Turner brought up his bobcat to do the majority of the heavy work.

The first section of the road was in good shape. We did a bit of work at the Gold Lake spill way crossing to keep the rocks in place for people to cross the water and allow vehicles to cross.

Next we worked on a place where a small creek was running down the road track and causing erosion. Darrel pushed some material to fix the drainage and the rest of us put a lot of rocks in the track to harden the crossing. (Note: do not stand within 30 feet of Gordon when he is throwing rocks in a muddy road bed.)

Next was a large boulder that Darrel moved out of the road and placed in an area to block traffic from leaving the road. He even got the boulder right side up, based on direction from Cat.

The last work needing to be done was fix a down hill section that went around an old stump. After much debate and looking at the terrain Cat agreed to putting in a water bar at the top of the hill. We also blocked off some alternate climbs and placed a "Private Property" sign at the bottom of the valley where the road leaves the public lands and crosses a 15 foot section of private property.

We had lunch at the top of the hill with a nice view of Longs Peak to the west. After lunch Gordon drove down the new water bar and turned around at the private property sign at the bottom of Bell Gulch before heading back up the hill.

Back at the intersection with FDR372E we placed the official Forest Service carsonite sign with the road number.

To visit this road head to Gold Lake Resort on Cnty 102J off of Hwy 72 just north of Ward. Before you get to the lake there is a Forest Service road (FDR372) that heads south off of 102Jand loops south of Gold Lake. At the intersection with FDR372E stay heading east on FDR372.

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