Golden Spike - Moab, Utah
by Greg Beery, photos by Greg Beery
I arrived in Moab Saturday to find rain and snow. To say the least the weather was lousy. I got a motel room and turned on the weather channel to see what was in store for the rest of the week. It looked like Monday was going to be the best day. Sunday evening when everyone got into town we decided to run Golden Spike the next day. We meet at the Spanish Trails Campground at 8:00am hoping we would have more than enough time to complete the trail.

There were ten vehicles with Dave and Dad in Dave's truck, Dan and his brother Larry, and Dan's daughter in Dan's TJ. Gail in her red TJ, Hurshell in his red CJ5. Darrel Judy and the two dogs Spiffy and Autumn in Darrel's Commando. Mike and Bud in Mike's Commando. Bill and friend in Bill's Scout.

Matt and family in a shiny pin striped green TJ. Ken and Tony from Kamloops Canada in a white GM truck. And myself in a CJ5. We had to cover part of Poison Spider Mesa Trail to reach the start of Golden Spike Trail. Poison Spider Mesa is a good challenge in itself. Some of the group did the wedge while others did the short but steep climb on the go around.

The first obstacle on Golden Spike is the Launching Pad. This is a steep long climb with a small but noticeable bump at the top. Going up all you see is sky. The next was Zuk, we went from one obstacle to another till we got to the Golden Crack, I guess we just did it with all the other good obstacles. The Crack is something to look at. I had read about it but when you get to see it, I had a greater respect for the Crack. One by one our group went through, when it was my turn, I slowly, with the help of my very good spotter Larry, eased the left front into the bottomless crack then the right front.

This is where things start to stretch, The CJ had never been this twisted before. Then the left rear goes down and you think your out. Nope, the right rear goes down and Bang, the right rear bumper hits the rock and leaves a little paint behind. Now were having fun! The Golden Stairs were next. Most of the group went up with no problems. The others used the go around, it looked like there were some interesting rocks over there also.

The Double Whammy came up next. It was getting late and there was another group attempting it, so we opted to us the go around. The Double Whammy looked like a good challenge, maybe next time. The Body Snatcher was next. We were all tired, But you can't let your guard down because it could get you. We were lucky, no dents. Gail did get a little hung up. With the help of the group she was on her way again.

We were done with Golden Spike, but there's still about 20 minuets left on Gold Bar Rim. In the dark we took off on a long bumpy ride down to the black top. It's now 10:00pm and we're tired and hungry. We all made it back to the campground, feed and watered ourselves, then went to bed hoping to be ready for the next day of fun.

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