Ice racing at Georgetown

by Greg Beery

Racing on ice is somewhat of art. That's what I've found out in the past, as well this time around. Ray, Wanda and family were in the parking lot with David, Linda and their dog Harley, when I arrived. The wind was blowing HA like it never blows in Georgetown. But the sun was out and it really wasn't to cold. Ray and David were already on the ice getting there tech inspection by the time I got off the trailer. It seems that Ray needs a better battery hold down, the bungee just doesn't cut the mustard. They also didn't like David's brake pedal with out a rubber, need to practice safe braking in those Broncos. It seems I was able to get through with no problems. Just behind me in line was Bobbi and Scott in her Wrangler with new tires, she didn’t have any problems with tech either.

This year to race you are also expected to do a job to help with the race, everyone except myself helped set up the two tracks. Around 10:00am they brought out the bar stools to race around the track. I know what you're thinking, yes they did have motors under the seats to help them around the track, and they also had studs in there tires for traction.

After the stools were done the ladies were first, well they did very well. I was lucky enough to ride with Bobbi, we were a close 2nd but we were done till next week. The men were next, first was David, well he did make it to the first corner then he made a complete rotation before completing the rest of the track. Then it was my turn, with all my previous experience you would think it would be a walk in the park. HA no way I was beat by a, it's hard to say, a Nissan Pathfinder, there I said it. Well Ray was the last to take the field of battle, he was looking good but to all the cheers from our bunch he also was defeated. So with all packed up, and jeeps on the trailers, oh and the Bronco, we headed down I-70 home.

The weather was nice for the first part of Jan. with the snow starting to fall as we left.

I would also like to mention the cheer leaders Elaine, Tammy, Short, and Carry. It was really a fun time.

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