Ironclads Project

by Adam Mehlberg

On September 27th Greg, Kerry, Gordon and myself met with Glenn Patterson and others from Allenspark to implement a buck and rail project at the top of the Ironclads road. Karen Talley and Brian Rasmussen from the Boulder Ranger District supplied the buck and rail materials while we brought the club trailer with the generator and hauled the materials up to the work site.

The project involved four sections of buck and rail to block off an illegal route that left the numbered road at the top of the Ironclads loop. The forest service had hauled downed trees to block the route and placed carsonite signs, but they had been ineffective. The buck and rail would be a more permanent closure.

Getting all the supplies and equipment up to the work site took a bit of time, but once there our crew got to work in short order. The locations for the bucks was chosen and the club tools were hauled out to drill the holes. Everyone got a break as we spent some time getting the generator to run. It likes to be level.

With only four sections to do we had the fencing complete by lunch. It was a warm sunny day and the aspen were golden while we had lunch. Our view was of the west side of the Ironclads so there were no complaints as we leisurely had our lunch.

Unfortunately as happens some times our work didn't last. A few weeks later someone took a chainsaw to the rails of the fence. Might need to put in some post and cable next summer.

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