Ironclads Signing Project

by Adam Mehlberg

As a continuation of our 2004 signing projects our club met with Brian Rasmussen of the Boulder Ranger District to sign the Ironclads 4WD road. We gathered at the Bunce School House on October 9th to group up before heading up Bunce School road to the intersection with Ironclads.

At the start of Ironclads there is a series of hill climbs and short cuts that are obscuring the actual road. We signed the correct route hoping this would direct most of the traffic. Opposite the start Ironclads were some track into an aspen grove, the start of an illegal user created route. We hauled some brush and limbs to place in the ruts being created in a marsh area and placed two closure signs.

We continued up the Ironclads road a short distance and placed some more road number signs along the main road. There are hill climbs and side loops being created at the start of Ironclads that need to be addressed. Further along we came to the main rock climbing area where many side roads and campsites exist. We marked the main route again and then crossed a mild obstacle. After the obstacle the user created routes were no longer being made. It appears that the obstacle is keeping out those that are making the loops and cuts. We only needed to sign one intersection as we continued on.

At the top of a saddle below the Ironclads mountain we had lunch and placed our last carsonite to direct traffic around the loop and back out to the Bunce School Road. The side road from here ends at private property. Back at the Bunce School Road we continued southwest a ways to the lower part of the aspen grove and tried to close off a loop road through the muddy soil in the grove. After going down to the Cave Creek private property gate we back tracked to Bunce School. Some of our participants headed home, others went looking for the Buck Gulch access.

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