by Gail K. Straty

August 1998

Line up for the Kingston Peak trip took place in the Crossroads parking lot just east of the McDonalds on 28th Street in Boulder. The line up included Linda and Dave Lyons, Ryan Boddy and his guest Kara Johnson, Darrel and Judy Turner, Brian Alderman in his new Jeep project, Doug Douthit, Dave and Dan and Danielle LeMaster, Hal and Jan Riggs, Roger Young and his guest Ann Madden, Wayne and Cindy Vale, Hurshell Malone, and myself from the Trailridge Runners. We were excited to also include the Renegade Jeepers on our trip. They included Jim and Linda Curtis, Pete and Melissa Rediess, Ted and Jeannine Stager, John Asmussen, and Roger Ryken.

We left Boulder about 9:20. Doug Douthit had problems with his Bronco and had to leave it on the outskirts of Nederland. He rode with Brian for the remainder of the trip. We picked up Steve and Stacy Reichner, and Ron Reichner at Jumbo Mountain Campground and further up the trail we picked up Don Owens which completed our group.

We were soon on our way to the first challenge. Everyone made it over the mogul section, above James Lake trailhead and below the saddle, with little difficulty. We stopped above St. Marys Glacier to eat lunch as we did not make it to Loche Lomand Lake with the large group. After lunch we headed for the last SEMI difficult section of the trip. This is the loose, steep hill just below the highest point of the trail. All made it without much difficulty. One jeep got caught in the loose mogul and had to be winched.

Once on top we all added a stone to the small rock structure and signed the guest book. OH YAH... there's a guest book there now. If you leave your e-mail address you will be updated on the progress of the structure. I signed... we'll see...

We all came down into the town of Alice where a few of our group left for Loche Lomand Lake to camp for the night. We also said goodbye to the Renegade Jeepers and hoped we would do it again. Hurshell was having problems with the silver 'beater' jeep, so he, Darrel and Judy went back via I-70.

The rest of us headed up to play on Yankee Hill. After playing we took the loop that landed us back on the road to Kingston Peak, which then took us out to Tolland and on to Rollinsville. I stopped to check on Doug and found him up and running, so off towards Boulder we went.

Glad we were in the hills that day as it was wickedly HOT down on the plains.

BIG THANKS to everyone who supported the Kingston Peak trip.


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