Kingston Peak Signing Project

by Adam Mehlberg

On July 24, 2004 our club members met at the cross roads mall in Boulder for a trip up Kingston Peak. As an added project for this trip we were going to sign Kingston all the way to the top with Brian Rasmussen from the Boulder Ranger District. We left the mall and headed up the canyon to Nederland and then on to Rollinsville. At the Jumbo Mountain Picnic Ground we met up with Brian and coordinated our project.

We drove up the road to Mammoth Gulch passing the dispersed camping area. We made our first stop at a bend in the road to replace some road closed signs that had been knocked down. At the head of the gulch we left the main road that headed to Apex and started our real project work on Kingston Peak. Our first sign was at the entrance. We picked up the remains of a larger two post road sign and placed a carsonite with the correct number and travel description at the start.

Next we headed for an intersection with two other roads that went onto private property and signed the public route to keep traffic on the right road. We kept heading west around Pile Hill to a clearing were a large mud hole had formed. We signed some of the area to try to keep people on the main road and out of the large puddle. In this same area is an old mine site where we stopped at the remains of the boarding house for lunch. After lunch we climbed toward timber line stopping at a side road that had been closed before, but was seeing traffic. We placed two closure signs on the burms that blocked the road. Further on we picked up the remains of an old Forest Service sign and made sure a hill climb was still marked as closed.

About this time the clouds rolled in. It was like an instant fog bank that high up. We stayed on the Kingston Peak road heading for the Echo Lake trail head at the switchback. All along the way the vehicle in front of you was hard to see with the cloud rolling across the north side of Kingston Peak. The climb up to the top was interesting as the cloud would clear out and the sun would shine bright, and then the next thing you would see the cloud come racing up the slope and engulf your vehicle.

At the saddle between James Peak and Kingston Peak Brian and a few others headed back down the way we had come up. The rest of us headed on following the road across the tundra. We climbed the one long hill and worked our way back down to Alice. From here we headed over to Yankee Hill. A few went up to the top while the rest of us took pictures. Gail then lead us back through the trees toward the place we had lunch. I donít know how she knew where to turn with all the different road intersections, but we made it back to the road to Tolland and Apex.

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