Ladies Run to Kingston Peak and Loch Lomond

by Jamie Gilgren and Karla Harmon

On August 24, 2013, the Ladies Run started by meeting at the Loaf and Jug at Highway 93 and Iowa street in Golden, Colorado. We left the Loaf and Jug at 8:00 AM with seven vehicles which included Julie and Clay; JJ and George; Carol Anne and Matt; Erin and Rick; Anita and Perry; Linda, Jamie, and Bill; Karla and Richard. Jamie broke her Jeep on the prerun while driving through enormous mud puddles! We traveled along I-70 to exit 238 where we journeyed past the pink, rock pig following Fall River Road. We aired-down at the flat parking area below Loch Lomond Trail. We enjoyed Karla's dark chocolate almonds after reaching the lake. They didn't last long! Lilly painted an orange rock for the Rock House. We titled the rock "TRR 2013 Ladies Run" and we all signed it with Karla's sharpie that she found in her purse.

We returned along the same road and met oncoming Jeeps with Upon reaching the parking area below the lake, we turned onto Harris Street and followed the switchbacks up to the beginning of Kingston Peak Trail. Our first stop was lunch overlooking Chinns Lake with panoramic views of the mountains. A storm was swirling around us and looked like it was coming our way. We ate as fast as possible! Our next stop was the Rock House where we signed the guest book and added our rock to the hundreds of other rocks.

Can you find TRRs Ladies Run rock? From the Rock House we could see a great view of Loch Lomond Lake down below us. We climbed (with our Jeeps of course) above 12,000 feet and found Kingston's Peak to the right of us. We crossed the pass and headed down to the overlook where we took pictures and lined up while Karla and Richard drove along the shelf road to block oncoming traffic. Lightning struck around us while we waited and we saw a poof of dirt to the right of Karla and Richard's Jeep as they went around the bend. Karla and Richard blocked one Jeep. We took one last stop for a 10-100 in the rain near the buck and rail fences.

At the bottom of Kingston Peak Trail, we turned left onto East Portal Road and journeyed to Moffat Tunnel.

We saw two trains running along the tracks. We aired-up at Moffat Tunnel parking area. We ate dinner at the Stage Stop in Rollinsville, Colorado which was built in 1868. According to some people, the best chicken tenders are located here! Thank you ladies for another fantastic Ladies Run and see you next year!

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