Trailridge Runners 4WD Club / Northern Colorado Trail Riders
15th Annual Lefthand Canyon Cleanup
story by Adam Mehlberg, photos by Adam Mehlberg / Mary Lou McManaman
On May 6th, 2007 we held the 15th Annual Lefthand Canyon Cleanup. We had the assistance of the Boulder Ranger District and the Northern Colorado Trail Riders in setting up this event. This year Rick and Mary Lou McManaman put together the lunch and did the registration. They were assisted by Barry and Kate McManaman.

The dumpster was a smaller one this year, but we had the room we needed to clean up the main lefthand shooting area at the beginning of Carnage Canyon.

Darrel Turner brought his bobcat to pack the trash into the dumpster giving us more room to pile in trash. With the bobcat we were able to unload two trucks at a time using the bobcat bucket to unload into.

This year we attracted over 80 volunteers for the event. About one third of the participants were not members of motorized clubs.

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