Lefthand Canyon Squeeze Rock project
by Adam Mehlberg
The Squeeze Rock project on the main Lefthand Canyon 4WD road (FR286) involved some rock work on an increasingly dangerous obstacle. On October 4th a large group form our club met Brian Rasmussen at the Lefthand Canyon parking lot with our generator and an electric jack hammer. The forest service also brought there jack hammer, which was needed to get the project done right.

The obstacle, known as Squeeze Rock, is past Five Points near the intersection of 286 and 286E. Brian blocked off the road at that intersection for our work day and we set up the generator and power cords to run both jack hammers.

The first task was to take off the high sections of the lower part of the road that were rolling vehicles. We put the debris in the low spots to act as fill. Over time it will migrate to the bottom of the obstacle. The upper side of the obstacle has a steep solid rock approach that offers a higher challenge. The problem is once on top it is very hart to get off the opposite side due to the side hill turn you must make.

Brian agreed to have a dual challenge on this obstacle so we went to work eliminating the side hill departure from the upper route. We had to remove quite a bit of solid rock. Good thing we had both jack hammers. Seemed like everyone got a turn at the rock. I think Gordon and Ray were the best hard rock miners by the end of the day.

About 3:00pm everyone was running out of steam. We finished off the work and packed up the tools. Of course there has to be a guinea pig to see if our work had accomplished our goal, so we sent Gene up in his Toyota. He went up the hard side and came back down the easier side. I guess we had succeeded against the rock. Maybe we will have to change the obstacle name from Squeeze rock to Pinch Rock?

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