Lefthand Canyon - 5 Points Kiosk Project

by Adam Mehlberg

May 19th, the coldest day for the week before or after, we had the 5-Points Kiosk repair project up at Lefthand Canyon OHV. The weather was not helping, except that the drizzle pretty much eliminated any fire danger, though Bill Boitano had his water tank and pump for us.

Our project included replacing the remains of the plywood backs that were attached to the metal plates of the kiosk and putting in new plexiglass. We were also going to paint the kiosk to cover up the old paintball marks, but the weather eliminated that task.

Ray Comeau and Greg Beery quickly started marking and drilling the plywood for the three panels.

Ray's friend Guy Carter helped put the new plywood panels up. Next Ray started removing the old bolts that hold in the plexiglass, the new plexiglass is thicker, so we could put in new bolts. The new plexiglass was held in place while Gordon Howe and I drilled the mounting holes through it and the new bolts were attached.

With the new plywood in place we stapled on the information and put on the new locks. Lets hope that the restoration of the 5-Points area which eliminated all of the dispersed camping around the kiosk, there are other sites away from the kiosk, will reduce some of the target practice that was happening to the kiosk.

With some time left and the drizzle slowed we helped replace the carsonite signs around 5-points, and re-string new cable at the hairpin turn where the shooting area is.

Note: Even with the Boulder County fire/shooting ban and all the signs around, when we arrived there were people shooting. During the three hours we were there the Forest Service gave out 5 tickets for shooting during the ban.