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Lefthand Canyon Grant Project, Kiosk #3
story by Adam Mehlberg, photos by Adam Mehlberg and Mike Moore
[Note: Lefthand Canyon is north of Boulder, Colorado and west of Longmont, Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.]
March 20th 2004 turned out to be a perfect day to install the final metal kiosk in the Lefthand OHV Road and Motorized Trail Network. The first task at hand would be to get the sign panels, posts, concrete, water and welders up to the site. This last kiosk for Lefthand would be installed at the saddle, called Olympus, just below the 4WD road out to Fairview Peak.

Darrel Turner had his Military Jeep loaded with the sign, posts, concrete, and one of the Oxy-Acetylene cylinders. Bill Boitano had 30 gallons of water loaded in his Scout. Greg Beery had the other Oxy-Acetylene cylinder, Ray Comeau had his concrete mixing equipment, and I had the club trailer loaded with a welder/generator. After leaving the meeting location at the entrance to the Lefthand OHV Road and Motorized Trail Network we headed up the canyon to the Castle Gulch 4WD road entrance. This would be our route to get to the location for the sign.

Matt Nunn, Gail Stratry, Ken Woods, Jonathan Hart, Mike Moore, Andrew Comeau, John Burns, Gordon Howe, and all the other volunteers (I havenít gotten the signup list from Greg yet) caravanned with us up Castle Gulch. The trailer was the hardest to maneuver through the obstacles in the upper section of Castle Gulch, but with a few tries and different approaches, we all made it to the saddle where the sign was going to be installed. I only lost one of the rear tail lights on the Club trailer.

Shortly after we arrived Brian Rasmussen and one other Forest Service employee got to the location. They had driven up Lefthand Canyon Main on ATVs. We quickly chose a place for the sign and laid out the location for the holes. This time the holes were dug with no trouble. The holes for the kiosk at five points took over three hours. The steel pipes were put in and the concrete mixed to anchor them. Before lunch we had all the pipes into the ground and ready to have the steel sign panels welded in.

Now, normally we would all sit back and watch Matt Nunn mark, cut, and grind the cross braces for the panels to fit in between the pipes, then weld them in. But this time Matt decided to eat lunch with the rest of us. After lunch work began on the installation of the first panel. We put our hitch mounted hoist to work lifting the first panel out of Darrelís Jeep. Matt cut it to fit and Ken, using his Suzuki with the hoist mounted to it, back the sign into place between the pipes. Once Matt got it tacked in Ken went back for the next panel.

Matt got the second panel ready to be welded in when the generator would not start. This could have been a big problem. About that time Ryan Boddy arrived. Of course with this many men around the suggestions of what to try to get the generator to start was in the double digits. All the buttons were pushed, switches were switched, and the spark plug was even removed and checked. Still nothing. I was working on something else by then, but from what I can gather Ryan went over and got the generator started. I am not sure what he did, but it was a good thing he arrived when he did.

The second panel was welded in while the volunteers got the third panel off Darrelís Jeep and read to be cut to fit. Matt and Ryan did the trimming and welding in short order, and the third Lefthand Kiosk was done. We capped off the pipes with concrete and used the rest of the water on the ground around our work site just in case any sparks were lurking in the grass.

All that remains is for Brian to paint the back panels and install the information for the public. We all gathered around our finished Kiosk and took a group picture to celebrate another Trailridge Runners 4WD Club volunteer project completed.

Thanks to all the people who volunteered their time, equipment, and expertise.

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