Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Lefthand Canyon Grant Project, Kiosk #1
story by Adam Mehlberg, photos by Adam Mehlberg
[Note: Lefthand Canyon is north of Boulder, Colorado and west of Longmont, Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.]

Immediately after this years Lefthand Canyon Cleanup, the Trailridge Runners 4WD Club continued with our clubs part of the Lefthand Grant. We installed the first of three informational panels at the entrance to the Lefthand Canyon OHV area.

These new information panels are designed to last. The all steel construction and fully welded (thanks to Matt Nunn) assembly of these panels will help them survive over the years.

Construction began by digging the four post holes that would hold the concrete footers for each support pipe. Once these were in place and the concrete had hardened a bit, the previously assembled steel information panels were cut to size and hoisted into place by the back hoe. Matt then welded the cross braces to the posts.

After putting all three panels up, the angle iron and plexiglass doors were hung. The final assembly was sturdy and ready for the public. Brian Rasmussen painted the wooden back panels and installed Forest Service information the next day.

Two weeks after we installed the information panels the Lefthand Canyon had its flash flood. The amount of material that was moved from the road entrance was the worst that I had ever seen. All of the loose dirt had been washed away and only the larger rocks remained at the parking lot and main entrance to Lefthand. I though for sure that the information panels would be laying flat, but as we approached, there they were just as we had left them when we completed our project. The signs of the flash flood were all round. If the sign can survive this, hopefully it will last a long time.

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