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Lefthand Canyon Grant Project, Kiosk #2
story by Adam Mehlberg, photos by Adam Mehlberg
[Note: Lefthand Canyon is north of Boulder, Colorado and west of Longmont, Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.]

The second kiosk for Lefthand Canyon was installed at Five Points at the end of June. The project involved getting the metal sign panels, concrete, and Matt Nunnís welder and an air hammer up to the work site. We all met at the beginning of the Lefthand Canyon 4WD road and loaded up the vehicles. Dan Lawson hauled the concrete, Darrel Turner hauled up the signs and Richard Boddy towed up Mattís welding trailer.

Mattís trailer lost one tail light on the way up, but we got all of our stuff to Five Points. The first task was to get the holes dug for the sign. Five Points is very rocky, thus the reason for the jack hammer and drill. Everyone took turns digging into the rocks and shoveling out the busted up rock. It took a few hours of working, we got all four holes pretty deep. (We did use the back hoe to finish off the last one.)

The next stage was getting the concrete going. Bill Boitano brought up 30 gallons of water and an electric pump so we could mix up the concrete. The pipes were set and concrete poured. Matt began cutting the panels to fit in between the posts. The welding didnít take long, but the fitting was the time consumer, especially on the last panel.

While we were at Five Points we put in the temporary closure gate that would be used to close off the meadow area in the following weeks. The temporary closure was for the post and cable project that is part of the Lefthand Canyon Grant.

Thanks to all the people who volunteered their time, equipment, and expertise.

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