Lefthand Canyon - Illegal Hill Climb Review

by Adam Mehlberg

On July 27, 2013 George, JJ and I took Cat Luna of the Boulder Ranger District to the upper part of the Lefthand Canyon OHV system to look at the illegal hill climb that we signed closed last year.

Hill climb, bottom looking up

The lower signs are still in place, but have been driven around. Two of the upper signs are still there, one has been broken off.

Looking down the illegal hill climb from the road

The top part of the hill climb is cutting into the designated road, FR 288A, above the upper kiosk. The lower section is behind the upper kiosk where FT8367 takes off. This is the location where a vehicle restrictor needs to be installed to keep full size vehicles from driving down the motorcycle trail. It would still allow motorcycles to pass through.

The area at the top of the hill climb needs to have some kind of barricade put in to keep people from driving down the hill climb, yet it needs to allow travel on the road. The are is very rocky and steep. One idea is to put in steel posts on the sides of the hill climb at the top and span the gap with bands of wide electric fence. This would not be a permanent solution, but it would be mor effective than the carsonite signs. The width at the top is about 37 feet. The permanent solution would be to put in post and pipe across the top. This would require some boring into the rock. We will discuss options for a project at the next meeting.

There is also a second illegal route that appears to have started as a motorcycle short cut on FR 288A. It is being driven by full size 4WD vehicles now. I have not looked at the upper section. The lower section starts off of a curve in FR 288A and climbs straight up the hill. It is similar to the other user created routes off of FR 286 that were closed two years ago.
Second user created route