McAllister Gulch - 2002

by Adam Mehlberg   photos by Adam Mehlberg

On July 27th the trip would be a scenic run up McAllister Gulch to Hornsilver Mountain and then over to Resolution Mountain and back over Ptarmigan Pass.

In less than a mile, just after a crossing of Wearyman Creek, our group took FDR708 toward Hornsilver Mountain. After passing a few mine remains as we climbed the switchbacks we came out into a clearing on the flanks of Hornsilver Mountain with a great view of the Holy Cross Mountain range and the Homestake Creek valley. We stopped for lunch and began to bring out the food. As often happens in the high country a small rain storm blew in and forced us to finish our lunch in the vehicles as we watched the small hail bounce off the hoods.

After the short rain storm, we finished lunch and headed across the ridge between Hornsilver Mountain and Resolution Mountain. The views of the mountain ranges around Camp Hale from the ridge were beautiful. Before heading down McAllister Gulch we turned up a side road and headed to the top of Resolution Mountain. The climb is straight up until you get to the top. As you approach the upper section the road gets a little rocky in places. We all took a few minutes to take in the 360 degree views from the top of Resolution Mountain.

From the top of Resolution Mountain we followed FDR708 down McAllister Creek until we reached the north end of Camp Hale. From hear our group got smaller. Everyone except Gail and myself headed back to civilization. Gail and I took the longer way home by heading up Resolution Creek (FDR702) to Ptarmigan Pass. The road is well graded and wide as you start. As you get to the top of Ptarmigan Pass the road returns to the normal two track style with little maintenance.

On top of Ptarmigan Pass we ran across a sheep herder camp. Up on the saddle above the pass was the flock being watched by the Shepard and his dogs. Crossing over the pass we connected up with FDR747 again and began the descent down Wearyman Creek. We crossed through some small meadows, where I spotted a fox jumping through the wildflowers looking for prey. Below the meadows we dropped down along the creeks edge and came out onto the Shrine Pass road once again.
This was a great scenic trip up into some beautiful Colorado High Country. We all had a great day.

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