Memorial Day Picnic
by Adam Mehlberg

This years Memorial Day Picnic was held on private property. Darrel Turner and Greg Beery set up a blind driver course on some land Turner Realty owns north of Longmont. The course was laid out on an old gravel pit and included a short hill climb and sharp turns, as well as some straight sections. The drivers were blindfolded and the passengers had to give directions. As an added challenge, the driver had to have a passenger guide of the opposite sex.

1st Place: Time 3.38 minutes
Driver - Edith Burch, CoDriver - Greg Beery
2nd Place: Time 3.59 minutes
Driver - Greg Beery, CoDriver - Edith Burch
3rd Place: Time 4.54 minutes
Driver - Larry Burch, CoDriver - Edith Burch

The new Club Ramp also made it's debut and received a good workout. It seemed that everyone had to try and see how far they could get. The ramp was set to 20 degrees and these were the numbers.

Hans Geworsky CJ-5 51" (backward) 614
Ryan Boddy Toyota 65" 625
Adam Mehlberg CJ-7 60" 638
Dan LeMaster Wrangler 61.5" 654
Hans Geworsky CJ-5 55" 662
Ryan Boddy Toyota 71.5" 687
Steve Koelsch Toyota 73" 712
Cindy Mehlberg CJ-5 64" 771
David Tedder Bronco 71" 771
Elaine Allbrandt TJ 74" (backward) 787
Richard Boddy 4Runner 82.5" 793
Matt Nunn Blazer 84" 807
Richard Boddy 4Runner 85.4" 822
Greg Beery Commando 96" 923
Kieth Hilmer Commando 97" 932
Elaine Allbrandt TJ 90" 957
Ray Comeau Wrangler 95.9" (backward) 1021
Ray Comeau Wrangler 97" 1031
Matt Meester Wrangler 99" 1053
Richard Boddy 4Runner 110" 1058
Matt Meester Wrangler 104" 1117
Ray Comeau Wrangler 107.9" (backward) 1148
Angie Nunn walking 86" 2866
The Equation -
(Distance / Wheel Base)x1000 = Num.

Wheel base -
  • Commando, Blazer, 4Runner - 104"
  • CJ-5 - 83"
  • CJ-7, Wrangler - 94"
  • Bronco - 92"
  • Toyota - 102.5"

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