Memorial Day Fun Day   2001
by Adam Mehlberg

This years Memorial Day Fun Day attracted 40 participants and was a great success. It was once again held at Darrel Turnerís brothers property where we had a new course to drive. A bunch of truck loads of dirt had been dumped on one side of the old quarry, and they made for an interesting course.

Bill Boitano brought up the burgers and bratwurst, and the club members brought in the fixings. We had the club ramp, that a few tried to see what kind of incline they could do. We also had the blindfold race again this year on the new course. Larry Burch and Wanda Comeau had the fastest time with 6 min. 53 sec. Ray and Wanda Comeau had the second fastest at 8 min. 4 sec. Dave and Linda Tedder came in third with 14 min. and 37 sec while Pam Brown and Keith Hilmer took fourth with 14 min. and 38 sec.

Darrel and Keith added an event for this year, the Ring Pickup. Five posts were placed around the course through the dirt piles with Ball jar lid rings hanging from them. The passenger got an 18" plastic pole that he or she used to pick up the rings from the posts. The drivers job was to cover the distance between the rings as fast as possible and place the vehicle as close to the post with the ring as possible for the passenger. Due to the placement of some of the posts in relationship to the dirt piles, the passengers had to do some major stretching to reach the rings.

Now, if the passenger dropped the ring, they had to un-buckle, get out, get the ring and buckle back up before the driver could continue. Seat belts always give you grief when your in a hurry!

This event had a much quicker pace and in the end attracted and audience. As an added bonus, a reduction of 15 seconds, a ring post was placed on top of a small hill. The driver had to park the vehicle and run to the top of the hill, get the ring, run back down and buckle up in less than 15 seconds to make it worth while. Some went for it, while others were a little smarter I think.

Ring Pickup Results
1st Place: Time 2.28 minutes
Driver - Ray Comeau
Ring Grabber - Wanda Comeau
2nd Place: Time 2.45 minutes
Driver - Adam Mehlberg
Ring Grabber - Sarah Lieul
3rd Place: Time 2.52 minutes
Driver - Tammy
Ring Grabber - Suzanne Laznicka

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