Memorial Day Fun Day   2002
by Adam Mehlberg   photos by Adam Mehlberg

On Memorial Day weekend the Trailridge Runners 4WD Club held our 3rd Annual Memorial Day 4X4 Picnic. About 50 people attended. This year we had brauts, chicken, and hotdogs supplied by Cisco Foods (Bill Boitano).

Darrel Turner put together the two 4WD courses on his brother Arnold's property north of Longmont. We had a similar course to last year for the ring grab, with fewer straight stretches. Times were a little slower as the driver had to be turning one way or the other all the time. The posts with the rings were still placed in areas of the course where the passenger had to do some reaching to get to them, or the driver had to put the vehicle in some twisted positions to get close.

We had plenty to eat. The lunch break was augmented with a partial club meeting, due to the majority of the board being gone during the June scheduled meeting, we updated the calendar and planned the June trips.

The weather was cooperating, except for a brief wind that blew through, so those that had not driven the ring course gave it a try. Some people tested their vehicle flex on the club ramp. A few people started doing the balloon pop course, where you have to drive a short obstacle course with three balloons placed on the passenger side that the driver has to pop. Of course the last balloon is smaller that the other two. Most people took a few tries to pop each balloon, so a lot of backing up took place. Every once in a while someone would get a balloon on the first attempt, and the crowd of spectators would cheer.

As an added event we tried the ping pong ball in a magnetic pan on the front hood, while you drove the course. The goal was to keep the ball in the pan. Because the lip of the pan was fairly high, it took a lot of angle to get the ping pong ball to fall out. In the end we used two magnets to hold a paper plate to the hood and put the ping pong ball on the plate. Now the course got hard to drive. I think everyone had to stop at least once and put the ping pong ball back on the plate.

The times for event participants will be in the next newsletter. We had a great event for our members once again this year. Thanks to Darrel and Judy for all their hard work in setting up the events. I just wonder who had to blow up all the balloons? Thanks to Arnold for the use of his property. Thanks to Bill and Roberta Boitano for bringing the main course. A big thanks to all the club members who brought the deserts and chips, and who came out to have a good time playing with their 4WD vehicles together.

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