Memorial Day Fun Day   2003
by Adam Mehlberg   photos by Adam Mehlberg
The Trailridge Runners 4WD Club had our fourth annual Memorial Day 4WD Fun Day picnic at the Turner property again. This years Ring Spear had a very close race for first place. Matt Nunn was the second person to run the course and set the bar for the rest of the day with a time of 2:02:43. The 43/100 th of a second would be crucial for Matt to hold first place. Quite a few of the contestants were making the two minute mark, but no one was able to beat Matt’s time, until the last run. Greg Beery and Edith Burch were the last to run the course and had a time of 2:02:87, just shy of taking first this year.

Ring Spear - Memorial Day 4WD Fun Day 2003
Gene King & Jean King 8:16:68
Matt Nunn & Johnathan 2:02:43
Elaine Albrant & Tammy 3:11:93
Richard Boddy & Elaine Albrant 7:11:23
Tammy & Elaine Albrant 2:04:17
Ray Comeau & Peter Botts DNF
Darrel Turner & Kate 3:02:20
Wanda Comeau & Raelynn Comeau 3:19:77
Andy & Richard Boddy 3:21:39
Richard Boddy & Kristi Boddy 2:40:73
Ken Wood & Diane Wood 3:50:28
Kristi Boddy & Richard Boddy 2:35:23
Scott & (no name) 2:13:18
Angie Nunn & Matt Nunn 2:24:84
Bill Boitano & Kim Boitano 2:47:70
Kathy Howell & John Howell 6:15:25
Kim Boitano & Bill Boitano 2:59:33
Greg Beery & Edith Burch 2:02:87

The Blind Fold Race attracted a few less participants this year, but those that ran the course Had some very good times. Darrel had made the course a little shorter that before, but it still included the hill and turn at the bottom. Larry and Edith took shortest time this year.

Blind Fold Race
Ken & Carla 3:29:95
Bill & Kim 2:26:57
Kim & Bill 2:41:25
Peter & Gail 3:35:53
Richard & Kristi 3:34:08
Kathy & John 4:18:84
Darrel & Edith 3:03:59
Larry & Edith 1:54:06

We had the club ramp at the picnic this year too. A few of the members tested their ramp index. The equation (as I was told) for the index number is wheel base times distance divided by 1000 equals ramp index.

Name Wheel Base Distance Index
Peter Botts 110" 53" 481.8
Matt Nunn 104" 80" 769.2
Scott Bakke 94" 74" 787.2
Kevin 172" 71" 412.7
John Howell 103" 51" 495.1
Richard Boddy 104" 83" 798.0

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