Memorial Day Fun Day 2004
by Adam Mehlberg   photos by Adam Mehlberg
This years Club Fun Day on Memorial Day was once again up at the old quarry on Arnold Turners property. We had the Ring event, the Blind Fold race, and the club ramp this year.

First place in the Ring event went to Greg Beery and Kathy Howell, Ray and Wanda Comeau came in second, Larry and Johnathan came in third. All of our winner graciously accepted their prizes of bragging rights until next year.

Ring Spear - Memorial Day 4WD Fun Day 2004
Greg Beery and Kathy Howell 1:50 min
Ray and Wanda Comeau 2:11 min
Larry and Johnathan 2:23 min

In the Blind Fold race Ray and Wanda Comeau had a first place time of 2:14 minutes. Dave and Linda Tedder had a second place time of 2:43 minutes. Glenn and Sheldon got third place with a time of 2:50 minutes.

We had hot dogs, brats, and shredded pork for lunch with all the side dishes supplied by club members. It was a great event once again. Thanks to Darrel, Judy and Arnold Turner for the coordination of the event and the use of the quarry.

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