Memorial Day Fun Day 2008

by Judy Turner   photos by Judy Turner and Cindy Mehlberg

Our tenth annual Trailridge Runners 4WD Club Memorial Day Picnic was held May 26th on the Turner Farm. It was only the second time the weather has been uncooperative. Thirty five optimistic souls came prepared for sunshine but it just got colder and wetter with each passing hour. Races were run as assortment of warm ups were dug from behind seats.

Matt Schwall was treated to a face full of dirt as he and others helped push Andrew Comeau's truck off the first high dirt pile in the Ring Game course that he was high centered on.

Our top two Ring Game pairs were Richard Harmon / Darrel Turner and Ray and Wanda Comeau. The Broom Crocket was won by Andrew Comeau and Ray Comeu with Kerry Beach and Logan Howe taking second.

Rick Kilton manned the grill preparing the brauts, chicken, and buffalo burgers furnished by Bill Boitano. Thanks Bill! Everyone contributed a wonderful array of salads and deserts.

After lunch some tried their rigs on the club incline ramp comparing with sway bar and without sway bar. We also determined that you can run the Ring Game course and put the rings on, or take them off, faster than driving it. Ray Comeau and Rick Kilton took one more run over the course and managed to get high centered for a while before calling it quits.

When everyone was full and the last of the competitors had driven the Ring Game course the awnings and chairs were folded and loaded into 4WDs, the heaters were cranked and everyone headed home. This year no one got sun burnt. Thanks to everyone in the club that contributes to making this event a great time every year.

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