Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Memorial Day Picnic / Gillespie Gulch Cleanup

May 5, 1999

This years Memorial Day picnic was combined with the cleanup of one of our Club's Adopt-A-Roads, Gillespie Gulch. We met in the Target parking lot at 9:00am on Memorial Day with 20 vehicles making our total. Bill and Roberta Boitano brought the burgers and hot dogs, Hurshell Malone had the buns and condiments, and the rest of us brought grills, chips, potato salad, soda, and deserts. The weather over the mountains looked ominous, but we had done Memorial Day picnics in the rain before, so to the mountains we went.

We split the group at the new bridge in Lefthand Canyon, one heading to Jamestown to do 102J along Little James Creek, the other going toward Ward to take the difficult 4WD road over the 'Rock' and up to the Nugget Hill saddle, where we would meet and have our picnic.

The majority of the vehicles opted to do 102J, which was not our Adopt-A-Road, but we cleaned up trash as we followed Little James Creek. With the weather looking like it was going to cooperate, as the clouds began to dissipate, we covered the lower section of 102J meeting only two other groups of vehicles heading down. After crossing Little James Creek it was a short climb up to the top of the ridge that divides Jamestown from Ward. Traffic was getting heavier as we met two other groups of vehicles. With sixteen vehicles behind me, most people decided to wait for us to pass. We left 102J and headed east on FDR 509 along the top of the ridge.

Trash was still fairly light with only an occasional beer can. Most of what we picked up was left near fire rings along side the road. After passing a few more vehicles we began heading down off the ridge to the Nugget Hill saddle to meet up with the rest of our group.

As it turned out the smaller group that took the more difficult route over the 'Rock' beat us to the saddle, but they weren't bored waiting for us. Richard Boddy had bent the pan hard rod on his Toyota and the rest of the group was assisting with winches and tools to get his front differential back where it belonged.

Everyone brought out the food and the grills were lit so that shortly we were enjoying our Memorial Day picnic. After everyone was pretty well full, a few went to the top of Nugget Hill while Richard headed out via Gold Lake with a few others, and the remainder of our group took Gillespie Gulch down to Jamestown.

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