Memorial Day Fun Day 2007

by Darrel Turner   photos by Adam Mehlberg

We had a great day on June 9th for the club picnic. Darrel and Judy Turner hosted it once again at Arnold Turner's property.

Following is a list of the winners, with their winning times, in the various contests.

  • 1st Place, John and Kathy Howell at 1 min 52 sec
  • 2nd Place, Bill Boitano and Kathy Howell at 1 min 58 sec
  • 3rd Place, Greg Beery and Judy Turner at 1 min 58 sec

  • 1st Place, Rich and Mary Loeffler at 1 min 40 sec
  • 2nd Place, Jamie and Jim Willer
  • 3rd Place, Jim and Bennie Willer got third at 2 min 03 sec

  • 1st Place, John and Kathy Howell
  • 2nd Place, Richard and Karla Harmon

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