Memorial Day Fun Day 2010
by Judy Turner
About fifty Trailridge Runner met on the hill to enjoy games and a pot luck meal Memorial day. Saturday with the help of John and Ray the course was set up, the area cleared and the grill repaired.

"Hockque" a cross between hockey and crockque was the first game. Only five were brave enough to play. The object was to hit a small ball thru the wicket with a hockey stick while wearing your seat belt.

1st Place - Logan and Gordon Howe [2:02]
2nd Place - Wayne and John Scott [4:46]
3rd Place - Don and Karen Lamprecht [6:45]
Way to go teams.

Many thanks to Bill Boitano for furnishing the meat. We would have been eating it raw if he had not known what was wrong with the grill and fixing it. Thanks to Cindy and Rick for cooking all the meat. It is always a treat to have so many yummy dishes to share brought to our Jeep and Eat club events.

We were treated to a fly over by the Blue Angels while we were eating. Or maybe they planned on flying over the Bolder Boulder. Oh, well we enjoyed it.

The ring spear game is always a favorite. We had fifteen teams compete for the best time on this course. Once again the object was to remove jar rings from fence posts while the driver maneuvers over hills and dips.

Ring Spear Race
1st Place - Adam and Cindy Mehblerg [2:02]
2nd Place - Mike and Caroline [2:03]
3rd Place - Matt and Carol Anne Schwall [2:05]

Did Cindy hang her own rings? No I guess not. Cindy and John did put many of the rings back in record time so the next team could charge the course.

There were a few sunburns and tired people as we folded our shade tents and headed home. We are all thankful that there was no rain and only one gust of wind. The view was beautiful thanks to the spring rains that made everything the greenest we can remember.

Many thanks to Ray and Wanda who hauled supplies home and Karla and Richard who helped put everything away.

We hope everyone had as good a time as we did.

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