Memorial Day Picnic 2011
by Adam Mehlberg
This years Memorial Day Picnic started with some clouds and rain which made the road up to the old gravel pit a bit muddy. We just had to wait a few minutes for the sun to come out and dry everything off.

The cooking crew starting the grills while Darrel began the timed Ring Spear game. Greg ran the new route first to show everyone how it is done. There were quite a few vehicles that ran the course. We had both stock ones and highly modified go through the course. Time to run the course is more about the person picking the rings off the post with the stick than the drivers ability to go fast.

There was plenty to eat at lunch. We had all kinds of side dishes, salads and deserts to go with the hamburgers and brats that Bill Boitano supplied. Judy Turner had plates and silverware for everyone as well. There were a few sprinkles that came through, but the lunch went on.

Bill Boitano got his kite up in the air and had some good distance on it when the wind came out of the west and blew the kite to the east toward the power lines. We saved the kite but Bill lost a bit of string to the power line. Most importantly no one got electrocuted.

Because of the winds everyone started taking down the awnings to keep them from following the kite. That seemed to break up the event and we all headed home.

Thanks to Darrel, Judy and Arnold Turner for the great picnic site. Thanks to Bill Boitano for the meat and buns. Thanks to all the people in the club that always chip in to make our events to great.

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