Memorial Day Picnic 2012
by Judy Turner
Memorial Day 2012 dawned bright and cloudless, a great day for our annual club picnic. Everyone arrived with their pot luck food and portable shade which was set up quickly to give everyone relief from the heat of the day.

Greg Beery, John Howell, Ray Comeau, and Darrel Turner had put some effort into making this years ring game even harder than previous years. Ray did a run of the course to lay some tracks and show everyone where the turns were. There were fourteen participants that ran the course looking to get the best time.

Ray and Wanda Comeau came in first with a time of 2:18.81. Darrel Turner and Wesley came in second with a time of 2:08.91 plus a 10 second penalty for hitting a stake. Gordan and Christy Howe came in third with a time of 2:45.84. Arnold Turner and Pat had the longest time of 5:55.90. The conservative time was due to Arnold driving someone else's jeep and not wanting to break it.

While the ring game was going on Cindy Mehlberg, Kim Boitano, and Rick Kilton, with assist by Adam Mehlberg, cooked up the hamburgers, brats, and hot dogs donated by Bill Boitano.

All of the members brought wonderful side dishes to go with our main course. Yup, we do know how to jeep and eat in this club.

Greg Beery put on his Winch and Recovery training before lunch. With Greg's jeep as the anchor at the top of the steep hill each person was hooked up to Greg's jeep and he guided them on the proper way to winch up to the top of the hill. This gave everyone who attempted it some good experience on the proper technique for winching. Being such good four wheelers we don't need our winches much.

It was hard to get moving again after eating our great lunch, but a few hardy souls did the blind fold race over part of the ring game course. Arnold and his daughter Kate had the best time at 1:54, she said she was use to him telling her what to do. When the two swapped and Arnold drove blindfolded, the time changed a bit to 2:55. When Wesley and Kate ran the course their time was 4:19 including 20 penalty seconds. There was some communication issues related to left and right.

Thanks to Arnold for letting our club have our annual picnic on his "hill".

As a final project/spectators event Arnold wanted a boulder pulled down out of a gulch to a location where he could get to a it with the bobcat. After looking over the challenge Adam, Larry and Bill went to work with Larry's winch to pull the prize down the gully. It didn't take much to pop the boulder out of the ground. The boulder, once free, started rolling down the gully toward Larry's jeep. Luckily it lost momentum and stopped. Larry decided to move his jeep over to the side of the gully and we began pulling the boulder to level ground. Arnold got the bobcat and carried his prize off to be placed in its new home. All of this was being watched by the audiance of club members at the top of the gully.

The weather stayed great the entire picnic. Hopefully everyone had a good time and didn't get too sun burnt.

See you all again next year.

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