Memorial Day Picnic 2013
by Judy Turner
Memorial Day dawned clear ans sunny. About fifty Trailridge Runners arrived with sun screen and pop up shade and ready to take on the obstacle course. Richard was the perfect greeter. Many thanks. Darrel, Greg and Gary had added telephone poles and more dirt to make it more difficult this year. Thanks guys.

Adam and Cindy set up a kitchen to do all the cooking. We worried a while that Bill Boitano wasn't coming with all the meat (burgers and brats). A great cheer went up at his arrival. Thanks to Bill for his generosity.

After some encouragement three jeeps did trial runs to test the tracks difficulty.

Then with the addition of rings and a stop watch the races were on. Of the thirteen who raced Ray and Wanda had the best time of 2:52. Followed by our newest members Clay and Julie finishing in 3:06 minutes. Our president and first lady rounded the winners. Yea! Gordy and Christy.

Lunch was served, as usual everyone out did themselves with a wonderful array of goodies.

With the exception of one gust of wind everyone enjoyed a good visit with friends. Awnings were folded and it was back to the race course.

Now another degree of difficulty, the driver was blindfolded and then passenger directed over the power poles and up and down the moguls. Ray and Wanda were the slowest at four minutes. Gary and Darrel came in third 3:42 minutes Greg and Wesley timed out at 3:04. Ray and Uncle Charles turned in the best time of 2:14 while pulling Ray's camping trailer way to go Ray.

Many thanks to all who replaced rings and stakes. With every ones help the games went smoothly.

By three thirty most had had enough fun and sun and started home. Richard and John helped Darrel and Wesley store all the gear till next year.

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