Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Middle St. Vrain Road Project

by Adam Mehlberg

June 23, 2001 would be the Trailridge Runners 4WD Clubís eleventh year of working on the Middle St. Vrain and Coney Creek 4WD roads. This years project was building a buck and rail fence, about a mile and a half from Camp Dick, along the Middle St. Vrain river where people were making campsites. We also opened the Middle St. Vrain and Coney Creek 4WD roads as planned due to the roadbed being dry enough and the snowdrifts on the Coney Creek cutoff having melted.

The volunteers were split into two crews. One crew, Eric Steenburn, Richard Boddy, and Ryan Boddy drove the 4WD road to check itís condition and take care of any fallen trees. The other crew, Gordon Howe, Hursell Malone, Gail Straty, Shannon Malone, Christianna Malone, Darrel Turner, Greg Beery, Edith Burch, Pam Brown, Keith Hilmer, Keri Heber, and Elaine Allbrandt and I worked with John Oppenlander on the buck and rail fencing. It took two trips up with two trucks and a trailer to haul our supplies for the day.

With our past experience building the buck and rail on Castle Gulch a few weeks earlier, it took no time for everyone to get in sync. Our group of volunteers installed over 100' of fencing in a few hours. We had a nice break while the hauling crew went back for more materials. I am always impressed with the amount of work that our clubís volunteers can do. We had though this would be a two day project, but by late afternoon we were done and heading out.

Gail, Hurshell, Christianna, Shannon and I continued on around the Middle St. Vrain and Coney Creek 4WD roads to install the new standardized trail signs. We put them in at locations where the hiking trails into the Indian Peaks Wilderness left, or crossed the 4WD road. By the time we finished the roads it was getting on into the evening. A few stayed overnight at the Camp Dick Campground. Sunday morning those that stayed overnight repaired one of our older buck and rail fences near the start of the Middle St. Vrain. It looked like someone had pulled it over. We were able to set the buck and anchor the large rail in short order. As always, each year we complete work we find more things that need to be done, and add them to the list for the next project.

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