Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Middle St. Vrain Road Project

story by Adam Mehlberg

On June 14, 2003 our club did our Middle St. Vrain project. This year we had one crew painted the host building and the information kiosk. Some minor work was done to the shutters and some of the trim on the windows as well. The paint crew also painted the host picnic table.

Another crew hauled up buck and rail fencing and did some route control on a section of the Middle St. Vrain where people were driving in a wet area. This is the rocky area just before the two water crossings. The hope is that the vehicles will stay on the 4WD road and not drive down in the wet area.

The third crew drove the road to see if it could be opened. This year we did this project early, so the snow was still on the ground at the west end of the 4WD road where the trees are thicker. With a little work the crew that drove the road got through the drifts and in the end we decided to open the road.

After the project we all headed back to the Forest Service cabin near Beaver Reservoir for our pot luck dinner. Saturday night was also our June Club meeting in the Cabin living room. We had a good turn out. Afterwards we had a campfire and roasted marshmellows. Some of us spent that night camping at the cabin. A few spent the night in the cabin. On Sunday morning us over nighters had a breakfast of pancakes and eggs before we cleaned everything up and headed home.

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