Middle St. Vrain Volunteer Project

by Adam Mehlberg   photos by Eric Steenburn

On June 18th, 2005 the annual Middle St. Vrain project started out with the rework of the first obstacle near the host site. The work to be done would put the water bar and obstacle back in. Last year the Forest Service had projects scheduled to replace the hiking trail bridges that cross the Middle St. Vrain. In order to complete those projects the first obstacle was flattened to allow the contractor access. This time, with Richard Boddy's ability using the Nixcavating back hoe once again, we made the obstacle in the water bar less difficult by placing four large boulders in the base and then placing the smaller rocks around them. As traffic pushes out the smaller rocks. The large boulders should remain.

While this work was being done, Eric Steenburn lead a crew of drivers up the Middle St. Vrain and out Coney Creek to determine if the road was capable of handling traffic. Along the way they had to cut a few downed trees, one a foot in diameter and they did a little water drainage work. At the Coney Creek crossing on Coney Flats the group had some fun with the high water. Tammy was on an ATV and made the crossing without a snorkel.

A third group lead by Darrel Turner and Brian Rasmussen of the Boulder Ranger District went up the Middle St. Vrain and worked on the larger tasks at the water bars. One water bar will need some equipment work in order to keep the water from over flowing the road during the spring. Possibly a culvert may need to be installed.

In the afternoon Ericís group made the entire loop of the Middle St. Vrain and Coney Creek roads and had opened the gate at Beaver Reservoir. There were three vehicles waiting on the Middle St. Vrain side for us to open the gate. All that day we had been getting questioned about when the gate would open.

With the road officially open we all headed to the cabin to have our belated Memorial Day Picnic. Added to the Brauts and shredded beef that Bill Boitano donated were all the different side dishes brought by club members. We had a great dinner with no rain and warm temps. Thanks to all of our outstanding club members that volunteer for all of our club projects.

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