Middle St. Vrain Volunteer Project

by Adam Mehlberg

On June 16th the Middle St. Vrain seasonal road opening took place. We were expecting a lot of trees to be down due to the wind storms, but there weren't that many, so the Middle St. Vrain and Coney Creek was opened at about 4:30pm on Saturday.

The main body of the group went up the 4WD road with Brian Rasmussen and Karen (new intern) of the Forest Service. A few of us remained at the host site to paint the inside of the building and install a new Travel Management sign that shows the allowed use by season.

As the day progressed people started stopping at the gate wondering when it would get opened. Monitoring the Forest Service dispatch I was able to determine when the group made it to the Cut Off, Coney Flats, and the side road loop to Stapp Lake.

While we waited for the road clearing group to make it out the painting group went over to the Coney Creek entrance at Beaver Reservoir and installed the other Travel Management sign.

At the end of the day we all headed to the cabin to have our pot luck dinner. Thanks to everyone that helped maintain our adopt-a-roads.

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