Middle St. Vrain
Volunteer Project - 2008

by Adam Mehlberg

We finally got the Middle St. Vrain bog project worked out. It was a quick coordination in less than a week to get the equipment and supplies together. Working with Brian Rasmussen we moved the bog work to Saturday June 21st early in the morning to insure we had the time needed to haul the road base up to the work project.
We ended up with 13 people to work on the bog including four forest service personnel. Darrel Turner hauled up two truck loads of road base that we purchased using money from the Kilgour fund. After coordinating who was riding with who we loaded tools and hooked up the trailers and headed for the work site. Along the way Brian stopped at the meadow to talk with some campers about that fact that the meadows was a no camping area and they were behind the no camping sign. He informed them that they needed to move up the road about a 100 yards past the "camping now permitted" sign. Lucky for them he didn't have his ticket book.

At the bog we unloaded everything and accessed what would be done to solve the problem. The issue with the road was the water from an upper section of the road was running down into the area where an old corduroy road section was and it had deteriorated the logs allowing traffic to sink down into the peat. We unloaded logs and a load of road base from the trailers and sent the drivers back for more. The first order of business was to square up the bog area to fit the logs. Some other members worked on two separate water bars to get the run off diverted before it ran down the road.

Once the two bog areas were set up to lay in the logs we placed the black ground mesh down then placed the logs to cover the bog. The mesh was folded over the logs and then road base was placed over that. We put two loads onto the first area and then did the same construction for the second area. In between the two areas there was a hard bottom, so we hauled in a lot of rocks to fill the gap.

Greg, Wanda, and Bill made trips all day hauling in the road base that Darrel and John were loading in from the Middle St. Vrain host site. Darrel had his bobcat which made the work go much faster on the loading end. We even used up the rest of the road base from our other bog project four years ago.

To keep traffic on the road and off the buck and rail fencing we found a larger boulder to bury along the edge of the road. Gordon and Ray worked a bit to get the boulder up to the spot we wanted to place it. After some strap harness design the boulder made it to the place we wanted it.

About 4:00pm we loaded up the tools and headed back down to the host site where Rick and Richard cooked up the left over burgers and brats from the Memorial Day picnic. Gordon supplied the grill and Darrel brought the condiments, chips, utensils, and plates.

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