Trailridge Runners 4WD Club

Middle St. Vrain / Coney Creek   Adopt-A-Road Project, 1998

story by Adam Mehlberg    photos by Don Owens

With all the warm weather, this years opening of the Middle St. Vrain and Coney Creek 4WD road went as planned.

Our club met at the Middle St. Vrain trail head at 10:00am on June 27th. We had advertised this event in Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, but no one attended except our club. I send the group, Mike and Darrel Turner and a guest, Greg Beery, Don Owens, Gail Straty, Matt Nunn and a guest, Dave, Dan and Larry LeMaster, and Steve Woodrum, up the road to work on the corduroy section. I waited till 11:30am to see if anyone else would show up to volunteer. While I waited I worked on breaking up fire rings around the parking area of the trail head and picked up broken bottles and trash. I headed up the road to meet up with Irby Downs, Boulder Ranger District, who had went up to the big meadow.

The mile from the trail head to beyond the meadow does not allow camping. This area being close to the Middle St. Vrain river and the Camp Dick Campground. Irby was placing some 'no camping' signs along the meadow, but it appears that the camping is happening beyond the closure area. While we were at the meadow, Irby and I tore down the old snowfence and piled it for removal later. About half way through this project Doug Douthit walked up from the parking lot and joined our crew.

After completing the snow fence removal Irby went back down to Camp Dick while Doug and I connected up with the core group working on the bog area. By the time we got there at 1:00pm the work was done, in fact snow balls from the remaining snow drifts were flying through the air. We headed up to the Coney Flats area next, finding now snow drifts across the road. This year it was fallen trees that we had to contend with. On the way up to the bog area in the morning the group had to cut through a few.

At Coney Flats I handed out T-Shirts from the Colorado Lottery as our project was a listed National Trails Day event. The crossing of Coney Creek was really deep this year. Being in a Jeep with the doors off, you wonder if the water will make it over the door sill. The Coney Creek road was in fine shape also, with only one tree to remove. As we got close to the end of the road we met one ATVer that was on the road. Gail informed this person that the road was closed, but would be open as soon as we made the last section and opened the gate. The ATV went back out to Beaver Reservoir to wait on the opening.

Thanks to all that helped out on this project. One of the best rewards for our volunteering is being able to drive the road with out any other traffic as we determine it's condition.

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