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Middle St. Vrain trip

by Ray Comeau

This was a very different and interesting trip, one I'll never forget. It was an average day, (in October) overcast and from Longmont looking at the mountains, the clouds had settled in giving the appearance it could be snowing. It was just the oppisite. After turning onto Highway 72 the clouds began to part and there was nothing but blue sky. With the white snow on the mountain peaks it was beautiful.

Erin Kilton

There was about 10 rigs that showed up. After introductions in the parking lot, we split in half. Half went with me on the trail, the other half went with Adam to do trail repair on the Coney Creek side. (Greg Beery, Gordon Howe and son Logan, Bill Boitiano, Rich Horiuchi and Richard Harmon ) I had Karla Harmon and her Aunt Connie, Rick and Erin Kilton, and as guest from the Hillbillies club was Tom & Lori Kyle and Steve and Cheryle. (I hope I got the names right)

Karla Harmon

The Middle St.Vrain trail was dry at the start but soon we had hit some snow and ice which makes it more fun.

We had no problems finishing the Middle St. Vrain trail, so after a short rest at the end we said good by to the Hillbillies. Now down to 3 rigs we headed up the Coney Flats trail. We reached the creek crossing where we had lunch around some tree's that blocked the wind.

Ray Comeau

After lunch, Erin and Rick was first to go across the creek breaking the ice, this is always fun to watch. The Ice was about three inch's thick. Then Karla and Connie went then me.

The rest of the trail after the creek always seems to be the longest, the hard stuff is done and it's flat, but that was to soon change. About 1/4 of a mile past the creek, the road narrows and someone left there Toyota Four Runner parked in the road blocking it 100%, front tires in a water crossing. The ice had formed around the front tires telling us the rig was left for dead several hours ago if not over night. We all contemplated winching it back about 10 feet and maybe giving us enough room to go around it. Still not sure if we did the write thing, we turned around and went back the way we came. As an after thought, I wish we would have winched back and maybe unblocked the road.

Abandoned Toyota

At the bottom of Middle St. Vrain was Bill Boitiano and Richard Harmon was waiting. Bill had stayed after the work party was done so Richard could meet back up with Karla and Connie.

With the rig blocking the trail, it made for a trip I'll never forget. I had fun as always. It was a great day, with great friends doing what most people never get to do. Getting out and enjoying our great back yard in our gorgeous Colorado Rockies.

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