Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Middle St. Vrain - End of Season Trip

by Adam Mehlberg

In November we made a run of the Middle St. Vrain to check status of the road and close the gates for the season. With the cold weather and light snow it was an interesting trip. The two water crossings were full of broken ice chunks.

The first vehicles through had it easier than the last. Each vehicle was pushing more and more ice up onto the exit climb out of the water holes making it more and more difficult to get out.

We had to strap out a few in order to continue.

The higher we went on the Middle St. Vrain the more snow we found on the road. The first Coney Creek crossing before the cut off was low and mostly free of ice. Our group made it to the cut off in short order. The cut off would be a different story.

We all started the climb making it through the first part with not problems. About half way up the snow deepened and our progress slowed. I needed a pull up two different sections. Tim Conway fought his way up with his bald tires (his new ones were on order) but needed a pull in one section.At the rough area Killian Kilton got sideways and needed to be pulled to keep from sliding off the road. Rick Kilton climbed up the rough section and lined up his Bronco on top to winch up those of us that could not make the climb through the snow covered boulders.

Finally we all made it to Coney Flats. We opted to have lunch in the vehicles to stay out of the wind. The views were great. After lunch we all drove across the frozen Coney Creek crossing.

In the summer this crossing is over your hubs. I had never seen it frozen that solid before.

The rest of the trip was easy as we followed the Coney Creek 4WD road down to Beaver Reservoir. The group exited the road and Brian Rasmussen showed up shortly after to lock the gate behind us.

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