Middle St. Vrain
Seasonal Road Review, 2011

by Adam Mehlberg

On June 25th our club members showed up at the Middle St. Vrain trail head to drive the road and see if enough of the snow has melted to open the road. We had a large crowd, more than 15 vehicles, and a lot of people interested in when the road would be opened. We all headed up the Middle St. Vrain looking for snow.

At the first meadow there was some damage to the road bank because the gate had been opened earlier and some people had used the road and probably were driving around a snow bank. It will have to heal over time. Beyond the meadow our previous bog work was hold up well. The two water holes near the Middle St. Vrain river were deep. Beyond the run off was heavy coming down the road. We did a bit of work on the upper waterbar and got about half of the water off the road. The waterbars in this area of the road will need some work to get them functioning correctly again.

After crossing Coney Creek we started to run into snow drifts along the edge of the road. Our upper bog work was also holding up well. Just before the Coney Creek cut off the drifts got a bit deeper, but we were able to get through. The Coney Creek cut off was as far as we would get this trip.

The drifts in the cut off were still deep and looked almost constant. Everyone turned around and backed toward the Middle St. Vrain trail head parking lot, which was also snowed shut with a large drift in the middle of it. We had lunch and then headed back down to the Middle St. Vrain parking lot. The plan is to give the Middle St. Vrain and Coney Creek another two weeks to melt and dry out before reviewing it again.

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