Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Miller Rock Camp Run

by Ray Comeau

On May 12th there was 10 Vehicles that showed for the Miller Rock camping trip. Glenn Gilbert and his son Sheldon, Richard and Karla Harmon, Jim Willer, wife Bennie, daughter Jamie and friend Candice, Perry Willson, Larry McGimsey, William Boitano, Rick Kilton, wife Erin and daughter Shannon. Gordon Howe and son.

We stopped at the 2nd exit for small town of Raymond, we aired down and locked in for the Miller Rock trial. Once again the gentlemen who lives next to road was upset at something, Bill made the mistake of stopping next to his house to adjust his CB antenna. My understanding was he was nice when talking to Bill, but seem upset once Bill drove away. Something in the way of arm's waving and door slamming!

The first stop was Miller Rock it self. It was interesting to watch how much air some got on there drivers side front wheel going threw a wicked little twisty section just before Miller Rock, with out warning, the front left would go up into the air allowing a nice view of the sky for the driver, and I nice view of the undercarriage for the outside viewers. One Vehicle ( name not to be mentioned ) driving a Bronco had his front spring come out of position and the tools had to come out for repair. I might add, this was the only time on the "whole" trip any tool box was opened. We then left Miller Rock, and headed for camp. We reached the off camber rock that just before the creek, everyone made it threw just great.

We arrived at camp just after 5:00 pm. The weather was great, a few clouds moved in and gave us a little rain. Those who were staying the night stomped around looking for a spot to pitch there tent. Glenn, Gordon, Larry and Perry left us and went home, Jim and family stayed until after Dinner, then took off in the dark.

The evening was great, cooking dinner, Bill brought desert. The evening was cool, and the fire felt great.

The next morning Bill was first up making coffee, pancakes and Sausage. (always invite Bill on your trips ) The air was still cold at 7:00 am. So I made a fire, but with in an hour the sun come over the mountain and warmed things right up.

Adam Mehlberg and Brian Rassmusen (Forest Service) showed up around 10:00 am. By this time we were all packed up and ready to head out.

I was the tail gunner, and heading up the trail, just before the off camber rock, my rear differential kept getting hung up on a rock, I ended up to close to the edge. The winch was needed to pull me forward to a safe area.

The group continued to help Adam and Brian sign the Miller Rock trail. In all, the trip was the first camp out on Miller Rock and I believe was great. Next year we will leave earlier in the day to give more time for hiking, fishing and sitting around. Thanks to all who went, it was another great trip with friends in our wonderful Colorado Mountains.

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