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Miller Rock Trip

by Ray Comeau

On July 15th I lead a group up to Miller Rock. This trail is located in Raymond, CO. I had seven vehicles with sixteen adults and children. We left Longmont at 9:00am. The last trip I lead was back during the winter and it was 7 degrees above zero, during the Miller Rock trip the temp in Longmont was to hit 100 degrees. I know how to pick dates. All of us had hopes the temperature would be somewhat cooler on the trail, with the engine heat and the sun doing it's thing, it felt every bit of 100 degrees on the trail.

When we reached the the top of the mountain we parked and climbed Miller Rock on foot. Due to the difficulty, some of the adults and kids stayed behind. What a view from the top, a 360 panoramic view. After the Miller Rock climb, we continued down to the creek. There is one off camber spot about 100 yards before the creek, but everyone did fine.

We stopped at the creek for lunch. After eating some of the kids tried some fishing, some adults took off there shoes, or left them on and waded into the water. And some of us stripped down to our shorts and swam in the large naturally formed water tub. One spot was so deep, I don't know if anyone touched the bottom. It was cold, but felt great. And what would a trip be with out stopping in Lyons for Ice Cream on the way home.

This is one of my favorite close to town trails. It's very hard to locate the entrance. I want to return to continue the trail, my son tried it a few months ago and turned around due to the difficulty. I also would like to schedule an overnight trip in 2007.

Thanks for those who went along. David and Linda Tedder, Patrick and his two children, Glenn and his son Quinton, Neal Rogacki, Rick and Cathy and their two boys, and Bailey, Matt Nunns daughter.

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