Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Miller Rock Campout Trip

by Ray Comeau

Sept. 6th was the 2nd annual Trail Ridge Runners camping trip up to Miller Rock. In 2007 the trip was in May, due to the high water run off the creek was very high and noisy at night while sleeping.

So for 2008 I decided to try the camping trip in September. Not only did I change the month but the departure time was moved to 10:00 am.

The meeting area was the Super Wall Mart on the north end of Longmont. Those who showed up for the trip was Richard and Karla Harman, David and Linda Tedder, Vic Walter, Bill Boitiano and his daughter Kim and a new family who I had met on a different trail the week before Erik, Aileen Ehn and there two children Fisk ( 2-1/2 ) and Nora ( 5 Months ). Eric and Aileen had just moved to Colorado from California. Vic and Eric's family was joining us just for the day, no plans to spend the night.

All went well as we left Longmont heading for the town of Raymond. We aired down just past the first house and continued on up the trail. Everyone's rigs were well equipped so we moved right along.

Vic and Eric's family had not been to Miller Rock, so our first stop was at Miller Rock.

Arriving there was another group from Mile High Jeep club. It was odd to see other four wheelers on the trail, but it was nice to see a few familiar faces, some we had just seen at All-4-Fun in August.

There was a few of us that climbed to the top of the rock for a fantastic few of the plains and surrounding mountains. It was a clear day so you could see for miles.

We did not stay long as to we wanted to get on the trail to beat the Mile High group heading towards the creek.

As we heading down the trail, for those who have not been on the Miller Rock trail, it gets narrow. There are some area's you wonder if it is a legal " Jeep " trail. The trees and bushes are growing up and there are plenty of Colorado Pin stripping opportunities.

Everyone conquered the only challenge area just before the creek with no problems. The challenge has a v-notch and leans you to the drivers side somewhat as you exit and turn right. It looks far worse than it is due to there is a drop off on the driver side as you turn right and exit.

Once at camp we where quick to cut wood and start a fire. One could feel a cool breeze and new it was going to be a cool evening and night.

Tents were put up, dinner was cooked over the fire. The fire was our best friend, as the sun disappeared and the stars were starting to shine, the temperature was dipping into the 50's. The Jiffy Pop popcorn was cooked and Bill and Kim made up Hot Chocolate. Nothing like sitting around a camp fire with great friends on a chilly night telling stories and munching on hot fresh popcorn.

Around 9:00 pm, some started heading for the tents, some stayed up wondering how cold it was going to be and did not want to leave the warmth of the fire. But, eventually one must head for the tent and warm up the sleeping bag.

The next morning David Tedder already had a nice hot fire already going. The Temperature was in the low 40's. Bill had the sausage and pancakes cooking.

There was a lot of dew on the ground and tents, we sat around the fire until the sun made it over the hill. It was still somewhat earlier and some were not ready to head out. Karla got the fishing pole out, then so did I . We should have left them in the Jeeps, the fishing was, lets say fun, but good thing I did not need fish to feed my family.

Later in the morning Bill and Kim took off, then the rest of us left soon after.

The trail out went great, and we all had a safe trip home. All in All, it was a great trip, with great friends doing what we all love to do. Get out and play in our colorful Colorado mountains.

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