Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
Miller Rock Campout Trip

by Adam Mehlberg

This years Miller Rock Camp Out included a volunteer project with the Boulder Ranger District to review the erosion on the section of 4WD road that is below Miller Rock. We all met up with Brian Rasmussen and Karen Talley at the first curve on the Miller Rock 4WD Road after you pass the private property. We loaded carsonite signs and the driver just in case we needed to replace any signs. As it turned out all of our past signing was in place.
We made it to Miller Rock just before lunch. Brian reviewed the area and took pictures. A few climbed to the top of Miller Rock and noted a large plume of smoke to the southwest. Brian, Karen and some of our members headed toward the smoke to check it out.
Brian also wanted to check the status of the signs at the private property boundary with Glacier View Ranch. The smoke turned out to be a large campfire with a group of teens marching to what sounded like band music. After lunch we headed down to the main obstacle and the South St. Vrain river crossing. I was concerned that the bottom part of the obstacle would need to be worked on and it would require equipment. Some users had placed rock on the lower area and built up the edge of the road resolving the problem. There are still a few issues that need to be addressed along the road down to the river.
At the meadow just past the river crossing those of us staying started to set up camp. Brian did walk up the road toward the old town site of Gresham. That section of road needs some work to make it safe. Those not spending the night started heading back to town while the rest of use went about setting up the camp area. We had a nice afternoon, but the rain clouds kept threatening until they finally settled in and toward evening we got a slow drizzle. To our surprise Bill Boitano brought ice cream for desert. Even with the cool evening it was a great treat.

The next morning was bright and sunny. Bill and Kim left early, Cindy and I also packed up after breakfast to go over to the Middle St. Vrain host site and close it up for the winter. It was another of Ray and Wanda Comeau's relaxing Labor Day campouts.

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