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North Twin Cone Peak trip

by Rich Horiuchi
Photos by Rich and Cathy Horiuchi
July 19, 2008

The day before the trip I decided to call the Forest Service to see if the North Twin Cone Peak road was open. The person I spoke to thought the road was still closed, and gave me another telephone number to call. I called the other number and the person who answered stated that the road was closed, and that the only road open in the area was Red Cone. Well, I sort of freaked out, and tried to come up with a Plan B. Since I didn't know who all was coming on the trail ride the next day, our meeting place had to remain the same as I had set before, near Bailey. I sent a message out on TRR talk to let everyone know what the Forest Service told me and my Plan B (go over Guanella Pass and ride up the Argentine Pass road near Georgetown). In response, Patrick e-mailed back stating the road was open and referred me to a Colorado 4X4 posting. Well, I felt a lot better after reading Patrick's message and the web posting, but there was still a lingering uncertainty about whether the road was still open, so Cathy, Aaron, Jordan, and I left the house the next morning at 5:30 am to have time to drive to the trail head, make sure the gates were open, and then make it back to Bailey to meet up with whomever still wanted to go for a run. We were pleasantly surprised that Rick and Erin, Larry and Pauline, Mike and Caroline, and Perry showed up. In all, we had five vehicles in our group.

The road offered a couple rocky sections which were fun.

Rick and Erin Kilton

Mike and Caroline Moore

Perry Willson

After lunch amongst the mosquitoes, we came upon a steep, loose, hill that caused trouble for some of us. I started up the hill first and couldn't get over a large rock. Rick called over the CB and stated my front tire wasn't turning. I realized I hadn't turned on the compressor so the lockers weren't engaged. Subsequently, we made it up the hill okay. Larry went next and got stuck on the hill, and in the process, almost finished breaking off his side step on a large rodk (Larry told me the process of breaking off his side step started a week earlier during the Kelly Flats run; I think he stated he wanted rocker guards, anyway, but wouldn't get them until the side steps broke off). Rick and Erin took a different line up the hill and made it up easily. They turned around at the top, and using their handy winch, Larry was set free to climb the rest of the way up the hill. Mike and Caroline had no problems making it up the hill.

(Rick thought he could pull Larry and Pauline all by himself. [Just kidding, he posed for the shot])

Next was Perry's turn, and after getting stuck, he used his winch to make it up the hill. This was a momentous occasion because it was the first time he had used his winch. The rest of the ride up the road was uneventful and we all made it to the top (12,323 ft) and had great 360 degree views.

View of South Twin Cone Peak from North Twin Cone Peak.

Group photo at the summit.

There was a little haze in the air, and I suspect it was caused by smoke from the forest fires in California.

On the way down, we stopped at an overlook and took in some more views. Finally, we made our way to where the road starts. We all ate dinner at a bar and grill in Bailey to finish our fun day.

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