Trailridge Runners 4WD Club
North Twin Cone Peak trip

by Rich Horiuchi

Photos by Rich and Cathy Horiuchi

August 19, 2006

When we woke up it was cloudy and rainy. Uh-oh. As we headed through Denver and Lakewood, the rain was pouring. We were having our doubts about the trail ride because the great views afforded by reaching the top of North Twin Cone Peak (el. 12,323 ft.) would not be possible in the clouds. Well, as we headed down highway 285 toward Bailey, the sky started to lighten up and it stopped raining. John and Kathy; Richard and Karla; Patrick, Patricia, Samantha, and Benjamin; Tom and Erin; and we (Rich, Cathy, Aaron, and Jordan) met up at the Loaf & Jug north of Bailey and we headed off toward Kenosha Pass (el. 10,001 ft.). We aired down at the Kenosha Pass campground and headed up the trail. John and Kathy were our gunners.

After several switchbacks, we stopped at a nice overlook and were afforded nice views of South Park and South Twin Cone Peak.

It started to sprinkle. Uh-oh. We proceeded on, and the weather soon started to clear up. We all made it through a couple of moderately challenging rocky sections and then had lunch at the bottom of the steep, loose, and rutted hill. After lunch, Rich had a try at the hill. The rain had turned the hill especially slippery and lucky for him, he had a lot of help navigating the hill from John and Kathy’s great spotting. After what seemed like an eternity, Rich finally made it up the hill, and then it was Patrick’s turn. Same kind of problem, but he made it up with relative ease. Next was Kathy, who easily made it up the hill by taking a different line. After several tries, Richard made it up the hill, too, and Tom, with the help of his lockers, also easily made it up the hill.

We all proceeded to the top of North Twin Cone Peak and were given the great views we thought we would be robbed of this day. We took a group picture and then headed down the mountain with no significant problems (other than Richard and Karla breaking off a side step-they need some rocker guards, anyway).

It turns out that we had good weather during the entire time we were on the trail. The rain started to pour again as we headed home. We all had a great day and were glad we didn’t give up on the weather. We were the only vehicles (other than 2 ATV’s) on the trail this day, probably due to people not wanting to venture out on such a cloudy and rainy day--their loss. There is an abundance of aspen trees on this road and it would make for a nice fall color run. We all noticed that there were a lot of mushrooms of different varieties growing along the trail, so this area apparently has been getting some moisture. Tom knew a lot about some of the mushrooms we saw.

Kathy and Karla noted that we had two sets of twins on this trail ride and that we were running North Twin Cone Peak. Maybe we should have renamed the trail ride, “The Twins Run.”

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